1314 Rutherford Road, Greenville, South Carolina 29609, United States

Welcome to Barnyard Brawl Grand Tournament Series

Army Construction Rules

What you can bring

(1) 8TH Edition Matched Play Rules.

(2) 2000 Points OR LESS. 

(3) Maximum of 3 Detachments. 

(4) Battle-Forged Armies Only! 

(5) All 8th Edition Forgeworld Imperial Armor Indexes Allowed. 

(6) Armies must be painted to a 3 color minimum.

(7) Conform to ITC rules

List Submissions

All lists must be submitted by Wednesday before the event for review.  They will be upload on Bestcoastpairings for the general player base to review for errors.

Once the members are listed, please upload your army list.

Best Painted Army

Selection of best painted army will be a combination of player and judge selection.  Each player will receive a sheet for them to pick the top three armies.  The judges will then pick the top one out of the top 3 armies selected.  Winner will get over $200 in  GW paint and supplies

FAQs and Codex Dates

(1) Any Codex or Rules Supplement Released by GW 30 days prior will be allowed. (the last issue was a cluster F@#k

Model Policy

We want to see the real cool modeling skills of our players.  All models must be clearly modeled with the appropriate wargear for your opponent to be able to understand what you are bringing to the tabletop.  If you are unsure of your model please send us a picture of what you are playing the model as. 

email barnyardbrawlgt@gmail.com

Bring 6 copies of your list

Please bring 6 printed copies of your list. One for the judges and 1 for each of your opponents.  Please note on your list who is your warlord.  Be sure to upload your list to bestcoastpairings as well.