How we run the Tournament and prizes

Initial Pairings, rounds and times

Initially the players will be paired up with Bestcoastpairing app.  If we have pairings with players who play with the same group, we will make changes as necessary.  We also will take requests on the first round pairings for players.  If you have that unsettled dispute over who is the better player, but you never get to play each other, we can make that happen!

Rounds will be 3 hours in length.  Players who feel that their opponent is playing slow should ask for a judge after the first hour has passed.

Saturday 28th
     9 am check in
    10 -1 pm first round
    1-2 pm lunch
    2-5 pm second round

brackets assigned
    5:30-8:30 third round
Sunday 29th
   10-1pm fourth round
   1-2 lunch
   2-5 fifth round
   5:30-6 awards 



Bracket champions will receive gift certificates and other prizes from our sponsors.  Currently that is over $2000 in prizes. 

 Bracket one - $400 in prizes
Bracket two -  $350 in prizes
Bracket three - $300 in prizes
Bracket four - $250 in prizes
Bracket five - $200 in prizes
Bracket six - $175 in prizes
Bracket seven - $150 in prizes
Bracket eight - $125 in prizes
Bracket nine - $100 in prizes
Bracket ten -$75 in prizes

Bracket champions will have the choice of one of the 3 custom gaming aids supplied by some of our sponsors.

1. Army tray -

2. Dice box-

3. Turn, Command Dice tracker- Field of Fire Gaming

The top 8 point finishers will also receive prizes.  (the bracket champions are not part of these prizes)


Would you like to be a sponsor of the Barnyard Brawl Grand Tournament Series?  Send us an email at  We welcome all businesses, large and small.  Let us know how you would like to be involved and we will add you to our group.  Thanks for you interest.

The Brackets of 8

After the first two round of pairings we will have a ranking of all the players 1-80.  We will then create 10, 8 person brackets based on the rankings.  1-8 is bracket One, 9-16 is bracket TWO and so on. Each bracket will then play for the next 3 rounds in the bracket to get a bracket champion!

Kill Team

Come and bring your nastiest kill team to a no holds barred 6 round tournament.  Kill Teams follow the same format as battleforged teams in the rulebook

Future events

There are currently four events planned for the year.  The second, and third events are open first for those players who played in the first event.  Each player will receive points based on their placement in the event.  If a player is unable to play in the next event then the spot will be available for the next person on the waiting list to join the brawl!  After the first two events, the limited slots are then prioritized based on the points list.  The fourth event is a championship event that will be for the bracket champions and other inivited players from other GT events throughout the Warhammer community.